Low Back Pain – How to Heal Naturally

Low Back Pain – How to Heal Naturally

Chronic Low Back Pain - Los Angeles Upper Cervical Care

Low back pain steals life and steals from productivity. It interferes with things we all take for granted; Deep sleep, sitting,walking normally and is a distraction from being in the moment. Millions each year take pain killing medication to numb the effects of their back pain. Right here in Los Angeles at Upper Cervical Health Centers we have been helping hundreds of people get their lives back through a non invasive drug free simplistic approach. Listen to what patients are saying about Upper Cervical Care in Los Angeles and their success with naturally helping back pain and disc problems.

Low Back Pain And Muscle Tone Imbalance

The majority of back problems are the result of imbalanced musculature. Others suffer because of disc bulges and a smaller percentage from bone spurs that are encroaching on the spinal cord or the spinal nerves. Each of these issues are caused by imbalances in posture that predisposes the body to adapt with tight muscles and if left unchecked long enough the persons structural system will change the shape of the spinal vertebra to accommodate the new stresses resulting from postural imbalance. No amount of drugs or injections will correct this underlying cause. If you are looking for a solution not a band-aid then the Upper Cervical approach is for you. 

Upper Cervical Care and Low Back Pain

At Upper Cervical Centers Los Angeles we specialize in correcting the underlying cause of spinal imbalance. Spinal imbalance starts in most cases from trauma. Whiplash injuries, sport accidents, slip and falls all can cause minor misalignments to the upper cervical spine(neck). In this region rests the brain stem. One of its many jobs is to control spinal muscle balance. When the Upper neck region is injured the nervous system responds by tightening muscles in the affected region. This creates a cascade of adaptations to the spine resulting in parts of the body being affected that are far removed from the injury site. Whiplash injures the supporting soft tissues that support the connection of the neck and head and as a result spinal misalignment in that region becomes the primary cause of most back problems.  Current research shows that faulty bio-mechanics in the neck cause muscle tone imbalances throughout the entire spine including the low back.

To schedule a FREE CONSULTATION with our office to find out more on how you can heal naturally from low back pain click here- www.uppercervicalcare.schedapple.com . As we always say at the end of these posts.  Nature needs no help just no interference.  Remove the cause and all else follows. One last patient testimonial for you to view.  

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