Cone Beam Cat Scan (CBCT) imaging Los Angeles

Precision Imaging That Locates the Cause of Your Spinal Dysfunction

Recently our Los Angeles Blair Upper Cervical office purchased a 3-D cone beam cat scan (CBCT). CBCT is a technology that was developed by the dental profession to better image the jaw structure for implants. Before CBCT 3-D analysis was not possible for the small private dental practices. Implants were done with digital 2-D technology. Oftentimes implants would not anchor into the bone correctly because the lack of 3-D imaging.

We are excited about this new technology as it allows the doctor to analyze images that give better detail, resolution, and 3-D clarity that simply isn’t possible with digital x-ray. While digital x-ray is still an amazing tool CBCT is the new imaging technology for the future.

A mentor of mine had a sign in his report of findings office that read “if you can’t see it you can’t fix it”. The chiropractic profession has hung its hat on palpation and plain film x-ray marking procedures to determine direction of spinal misalignment, termed subluxation. While these imaging and palpatory skills have value, cone beam cat scan (CBCT) is allowing for precision 3-D analysis of the patient’s anatomy like never before. Spinal subluxation or misalignments happen at the joints.  Joints in the cervical spine fit as mirror images. Because of this fact, imaging the joints of the spine can allow the upper cervical chiropractor to see the spinal misalignment, measure it, and then precisely correct it.

In a Blair Upper Cervical Chiropractic office, it is essential that the doctor study exactly what is going on inside your spine.  Many times, health professionals do not get imaging and end up with poor or no results. Most patients improve with upper cervical care because imaging is not only observed but rigorously studied. An architect builds the blueprint that the contractor executes in constructing a building. An upper cervical chiropractor uses imaging as a blue print to determine how you are built, how you are out of alignment and how to correct you. CBCT is the new generation of imaging that allows for precision in upper cervical care like never before. At Upper Cervical Health Care in Los Angeles we take our patients health seriously.  Most of the patients we see are chronic, have seen over 20 different doctors, and are desperate for a health solution. While we do not have all the answers, we look at heath from a unique perspective.

We have imaging technology that can precisely detect spinal misalignments that are impacting the central nervous system, and most of the time correct the underlying cause of many chronic health problems.

Blair Upper Cervical Care uses precise techniques to correct – not manipulate – this highly sensitive area of the spine (upper neck). Upper Cervical Health Care of Los Angeles is one of very few upper cervical health centers in the country that utilizes advanced imaging to evaluate and understand the unique details that may be the difference in overcoming your health concern. With upper cervical care, there is never any bending, twisting, popping, cracking or pain with the corrections. Come give us a visit and you will see the CBCT Blair Upper Cervical Chiropractic difference.

Our offices have four passionate, well trained doctors, who have the goal of improving the health and lives of the people we take care of. To schedule a FREE consultation in our office you can call 310 324-6172 for our Carson office or 213 399-7772 for our Los Angeles office (CBCT office). Or schedule online.

To see what CBCT images look like check out this video where Dr. Hall explains CBCT imaging technology and then goes over some of the views. Also, below you will find pictures of CBCT technology and real-life examples of articular spinal misalignments.

A-P View of Upper Cervical Spine

This view allows the doctor to study the alignment of the upper cervical spine in a traditional APOM view.  In chiropractic the APOM is viewed from the posterior to the anterior to keep left left and right right.


Axial View of Foramen Magnum and Atlas

This view allows the doctor to assess the neural canal, the foramen magnum, and the longitudinal direction of the joints on the left and right that are on the bottom of the skull, called the occipital condyle.

Axial View of Foramen Magnum and Atlas

Sagittal View of Upper Cervical Spine

This view allows the doctor to study the alignment of the upper cervical spine in a traditional APOM view.  In chiropractic the APOM is viewed from the posterior to the anterior to keep left left and right right.


Close Look At C2 Right Articulation

Observe the articulation of C2-C3. The joint of c-2 has moved forward(arrow) along the c-3 joint below. This image allows the Doctor measure exactly how the joint is built(angle) and direct a force in the opposite direction of the misalignment to correct it.


Close Look at C3, C4 Articulation on Right

This view shows the third cervical joint moving backwards(arrow) on the fourth cervical joint. Again, clearly identifying how the joints have misaligned allows the doctor to precisely correct it. Maximizing results for the patient.


Blair Protracto View on Right

This image clearly shows that the c-1 (atlas-arrow) has misaligned to the right and upwards along the joint of the skull above.


There you have it a small taste for CBCT and the clear images that it provides the doctor to maximize the percentages of sick getting well. Many times, we end our articles with a quote from BJ Palmer, developer of chiropractic, “Nature needs no help just no interference.” Our office is committed to providing the highest level of Blair Upper Cervical Care possible to maximize our percentages of getting the sick well. To schedule a Free consultation online click this link.

In health!

Our office commonly sees patients with: Migraine headaches, Meniere’s Disease, Vertigo, Tinnitus, Neck pain, Back Pain, Fibromyalgia, Lupus, Insomnia, Post Concussion Syndrome and more……….

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