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Jun 20

Get Help For Vertigo In Los Angeles – Upper Cervical Blair Care Los Angeles

Vertigo is not well understood by the public, that is unless you have suffered with it! Our office see about 8-10 meniere’s, vertigo or vestibular related cases a month. Most have been down the usual route. First to the primary care, then referred to the HEENT, and then a percentage end up at House Clinic. They run the patients through a battery of tests many of which are designed to induce the dizziness so they then can tell you exactly what type of vertigo you have. After thousands of dollars the patient is left with nothing but a name. You have vertigo, vestibular migraines, meniere’s disease or other names that do little to help you heal through the problem. After they have been bled of thousands of dollars the patient in most cases is still left with dizziness, ear fullness, cognitive fog, tinnitus, and the other symptoms that are associated with vestibular disease.


Who is asking the question what is the CAUSE and how can we remove it so the body can re establish health and normal function? While there are cases that need medical attention, most vestibular problems have their root in a neck injury. Dr. Michael Burcon in Michigan has published research that shows that meineres disease is related to an Upper Cervical Subluxation that interferes with normal nervous system function. To read his published articles click this link .   Dr. Burcon has successfully shown that in over 300 cases of meniere’s disease they were successfully helped with Upper Cervical Blair spinal corrections.
Having suffered myself with severe health problems, our office has one goal. That goal is to remove interference at the base of the skull caused by a displacement of the atlas and allow your body to function free of nerve interference. Since the central nervous system controls every aspect of your health it should not be a surprise to see patients with meinere’s and vertigo problems respond to corrections in the upper cervical spine. Our office routinely helps people with these problems and there is no better feeling than to see those who suffer get well.
If you are interested in learning more about what upper cervical care click this link.

We write these blogs for those who suffer and have been told there is nothing that can be done or that you will have to take these drugs for the rest of your life. We at Upper Cervical Health Centers of Los Angeles and Carson believe that for every effect there is a cause. Do not settle for symptom based management. Look deeper underneath the veneer for the cause. Remove the cause and all else will follow. Nature needs no help just no interference. We hope that his blog was useful to those who have come across it. And also hope that it is the information that you needed to change your life. Til next time be well.

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