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Is My TMJ Connected To My Neck?

Welcome to where we discuss health topics, not DISEASE topics. You see, our so called Heath Care system really isn't a Heath Care system - it is a disease care system. WE wait until people have diseases and then we treat the effects of them. How can you get a sick person well when you "treat" the symptom or the effect of body dysfunction?

The topic of health can cover a wide spectrum of ideas and issues, and since I am an Upper Cervical Chiropractor my bent on health will be from this perspective. Health is a natural state of being and is the result of a multitude of daily activities on the part of the individual. At the top of that list should be the nerve system. But few Americans know anything about their nerve system, let alone, Upper Cervical Care. So, let me explain.

Your nerve system is composed of the brain, the spinal cord, cranial nerves and associated spinal nerves. The nerve system is the super highway upon which information travels between the brain and the body. These messages tell each and every cell in your body what to do and when to do it. Every second, billions of chemical reactions are controlled and monitored in the body through the nerve system. Did you ever think what would happen to this communication system if you had a car accident? What about a head injury from sports? Fist fight? Bike accident? Anyone of these traumas and more can result in the displacement of the top bone in the neck, called the ATLAS, resulting in interference to normal transmission of information from the brain to the body.

Most people in the public are aware of the necessity of nutrition, exercise, proper sleep, and relaxation. But almost no one understands the critical importance of the junction between the head and the ATLAS. Every signal that travels out of the bottom of your head through this highway - the spinal cord - could be affected by an ATLAS misalignment.

Here on this Blog, we will discuss the philosophy, science, and art of how these misalignments affect one's health.

Why I am writing this blog? This blog is being composed as a result of my own experience with Upper Cervical Care.

Eighteen years ago, I was dropped on my head while wrestling with a friend. At the time, I thought it was just another bump in the road. I was an active male who did traumatic things! I thought that incident was like all the others. So I stood up afterwards and moved on. Six months later, I found myself with chronic headaches, insomnia, nausea, dizziness, TMJ, fatigue, cognitive fog, depression, anxiety and more.
For two years of my life, I dragged myself from school, to sports practices, and more. It eventually got to a point where bulling through life was not working. I told my parents what was transpiring. Over a period of three months, we went from doctor to doctor. All of my tests were negative and I was eventually told that it was all in my head. Does this sound familiar? To make a long story short, they were close. It was about 1/4 inch below my head. All of this dysfunction and symptomology was the result of a MISALIGNED ATLAS!

I eventually found an Upper Cervical Doctor who corrected my atlas. This procedure transformed my life. The end result is I am healthy and now practicing the procedure that changed my life. This blog is for those that are in the throes of this nightmare. Do not stop looking for an answer. It is not all in your head and may very well just be 1/4 inch below it!!