Why Do You Need Upper Cervical Care?

Let’s be honest the process of life can be quite traumatic. The first place you can have an injury to the upper neck is the birth process. A small percentage of the birth process is done with forceps. It is estimated that forceps apply 50-100lbs of force to a newborns neck. The neck skull junction is unstable and susceptible to injury. Second when a child learns to walk the average child falls 2500 times. If a child survives either of these two processes later in life there are bike accidents, car accidents and sports injuries. Because the life process has trauma inherent in it most people suffer from an upper neck injury at some point in their life.

In our office, we focus on the upper neck area by taking precise x-rays to determine how the head and the c-1 joint meets. Because the joints between the head and atlas are mirror images of one another it allows us to see how the atlas(c-1) has shifted out of its normal position. These x-rays give two pieces of information, joint angle, and direction of atlas misalignment. When the atlas misaligns the brain stem that is housed by the neck can be interfered with. This is the first place that interference can take place between the brain and the body. Body function is controlled by messages that pass back and forth between the brain and body. Interference at this most critical area can cause your body to malfunction.

We have a health care system that has taught us to only act when we have symptoms and diseases. Our model of health care in our office is to correct the structural problem so you can function normally neurologically before you get sick. Of course, if you are already sick let’s correct the underlying cause and get you well. Once you are well let’s continue to check you and keep you clear so you can function well for the rest of your life!