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Holding The Adjustment - Why Don't I get Adjusted All the Time?

Probably the most difficult concept to get across to our new patients Is the concept of “holding” the adjustment. We all have grown up in a system of health care that is focused on TREATMENT. When you go to any health care provider they usually tailor their plan of care or “TREATMENT” based on relieving your symptoms. We have discussed with you that the goal of upper cervical chiropractic care is to locate the spinal segment that is causing irritation to the central nervous system. Once located we took precise x-rays to determine what direction it displaced and at what angle it moved along the joint in its path of misalignment. Once this information was gathered a specific correction was made to restore normal motion to the vertebrae.

The Time Factor- Healing Takes Time

Health that is gained by improved function is accumulative. It takes time. It takes persistence. While many patients receive almost immediate changes many cases can take many weeks before a significant change is identifiable. Each case is different. We are as anxious as you are for you to improve. It is never fun for the patient or the doctor when progress is slow. We are each unique. We each have had different trauma histories, different lengths of time our damage has been there and as such, each case takes their own path to recovery.

If we feel that you need help outside of our expertise we will refer you to the proper health care provider. With that said give nature a chance. In time, you will see the wisdom of keeping the upper cervical spine clear of nerve irritation over the long term. Health is an investment. It is what you do each week that determines how your health will be in the future. We are here to see you get well! See you next visit!

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