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How to Hold Your Adjustment Longer

A Chiropractor’s job is to adjust a person to remove any interference from the nervous system so that that person can function and heal correctly. This nerve interference is called a subluxation. After a couple of weeks of Chiropractic care, people usually start to “hold” their adjustments better. What does this mean? Holding is when your body accepts the adjustment and is no longer subluxated. This is a good thing and you want your body to be able to “hold” as long as possible. If your body is holding, it is healing.

Why do some people hold their adjustmants longer than others?

Stress is what causes a person to become subluxated (spinal misalignment) after an initial injury occurs. There are three main causes of subluxations: Mental (your thoughts and feelings), Chemical (what you eat, drink, or inhale), and Physical (any abuse your body takes). The people who hold longer tend to have fewer of these stresses in their lives. Unfortunately, stress is inevitable part of our lives.

Here are some rules to follow to help reduce the stress on your body and will help you hold your adjustment longer:

  • Take it easy for the first couple of hours after an adjustment. Don’t do anything too strenuous or emotionally charged. The first couple hours are your most vulnerable when it comes to not holding your adjustment. If you are going to work out or get a massage, do so before your adjustment or wait at least 24 hours afterwards.
  • Improve your posture. Be cognizant of your computer position, texting with your head down or slouching in your couch while watching TV. The accumulation of bad posture with daily activities increases stress on your spine and can lead to misalignment.
  • Try to choose happy!!! The main cause of subluxation has been shown to be emotional stress.
  • Uncross your legs. Try not to cross your legs, except at your ankles. People who cross their legs tend to always cross the same one. Doing this regularly can cause your spine to become unbalanced and subluxated.
  • Find a good mattress. Everyone needs a good mattress to sleep on. No lumps or sags, as one-third of your life is spent in a bed. generally speaking a firm bed is much better than a soft bed. Firm mattresses support the spine better whereas soft beds tend to cause sag in the pelvis which puts strain on the upper neck.
  • Bend at your knees. When picking up something even as light as your child, bend at your knees. Bending from your back can cause extra stress on the discs in your spine.
  • Keep your head on straight. You should always avoid snapping your head suddenly from side to side or straight back.
  • Hydrate. Drink plenty of water. Water is essential for tissue hydration and strength.
  • Eat healthy. Be smart in your everyday food choices. Fresh foods are better than processed.
  • Don’t read in bed on your back with your head propped forward. This strains the spine, muscles, and makes you susceptible to misalignment.
  • Limit alcohol and tobacco. As enjoyable as these may be, they do put your body under stress.

Incorporating these rules into your life will help you hold your adjustment longer, but don’t be afraid to live your life. That’s why your Upper Chiropractor is here!

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