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The day after your first upper cervical correction it is important that you take it easy! Please adhere to the following guidelines to maximize the effectiveness of your healing process:

  • Do NOT lift anything over 10 pounds.
  • No exercise for 24 hours.
  • Do NOT stay at the computer for more than 30 minutes at a time
  • Do NOT text with your head bent down

If you watch TV make sure your head is straightforward. Also, do NOT watch TV on your stomach or watch it on your side with your hand propping your head up.

  • When you sleep tonight do NOT sleep on your stomach, your side or back is fine.
  • Do NOT massage the neck or probe into it with your fingers to "test" it out.
  • Stay away from side bending of the head-bending the ear to the shoulder.

After your initial adjustment, you may feel fatigued, achiness, muscle twitches or warm feelings in problem areas. You may also feel hungry and feel more relaxed than normal. The first night most people will sleep deeper however we do find that 10 percent of the patients have more restless sleep than normal.

The following day after your correction:

It is important that you still take it easy the following day. You do NOT have to act like Frankenstein but make sure you do NOT overdo. Continue to follow the post adjustment guidelines, however, after 24 hours, some aerobic exercise is ok if you feel the urge to do so. Do NOT lift weights that use the upper shoulder muscles: Shoulder shrugs, military press, upright rows, or arm abductions. These exercises use the upper back muscle called the levator scapula. It attaches to the sides of c1,2,3 and we have found those exercises to be especially troublesome during the initial phase of holding the correction.

  • General activities to stay away from in the first four weeks
  • Extended periods of vacuuming, scrubbing, or overhead work
  • Stay away from heavy lifting-over 20 pounds
  • Do NOT put your head in the washing bowl at the hairdresser
  • Do NOT hold the phone between your head and your shoulder
  • Do NOT stretch your head from one shoulder to the other (lateral flexion)
  • Stay away from NECK massage
  • Do NOT do any stretching or cracking of the neck
  • Do NOT sleep on your stomach

Remember that the goal of Upper Cervical Care is for your spinal correction to HOLD in position for as long as possible. While the correction is in its normal position normal nerve supply is being distributed to the body tissue and a healing process is underway. It is normal for you to feel better one day and not so good the next. The typical pattern of healing and repair is up and down over time.

We look forward to being your partner in your healing process. Please remember that healing takes time and does NOT happen overnight. We look forward to seeing you at your future appointments.

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