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May 26

sciatica treatment los angeles

Sciatica pain can be crippling. Sharp searing pain down the leg, inability to walk, disruptions with sleep, sciatica pain can truly interrupt and shutdown one’s life. Unfortunately conventional medicine throws painkillers at sciatica patients. While the painkillers may give relief they do little to get to the underlying reason why people suffer with sciatica.

There are three main reasons people suffer with sciatica. After we explain what each of these mechanisms are that produce sciatica we will then discuss how Upper Cervical Care can help sciatica.

For a sneak peek at how UC Care can help sciatica listen to this video:

  1. Piriformis syndrome:The piriformis muscle is located in your gluteal region and connects to the upper leg bone and the sacrum (the hard bone between your glutes). Underlying this muscle is the sciatic nerve. When the piriformis muscle becomes spastic it puts pressure on the sciatic nerve and produces the searing pain that one feels when they have sciatica. To read further about this problem go to this site:
  1. Low back disc bulge impinging spinal nerve:The discs sit between the vertebrae. When there is a disc bulge it can put pressure on the cord or spinal nerve that is associated with sciatic pain.
  2. Spinal Stenosis -bone spur growing into the spinal nerve outlet(IVF stenosis):IVF stenosis is when there is encroachment or narrowing of the hole where a spinal nerve exits causing pressure on the nerve. This pressure creates pain in the sciatic nerve replicating what the patient experiences. For a more in-depth explanation read this article:

Now that we have outlined what the three main reasons are for sciatica lets talk about how these three sub factors relate to Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care. It is well-known that the motion of the upper cervical region has a direct influence on the spinal musculature of the entire spine. When the atlas, top vertebra in the spine is misaligned, it interferes with postural muscle tone and causes the body to adapt structurally. When the spine is imbalanced, muscles become come tight on one side and not the other. This over time predisposes the body to have disc bulge problems because of the uneven wear on them over time with activity. Also the imbalances can irritate the piriformis muscle causing it to stay contracted and replicate sciatica pain. Lastly, spinal stenosis is a condition that develops over time due to the imbalance throughout the spine and as a protective mechanism the body produces more bone in certain areas to accommodate the imbalance of load on the spinal structures and can lead to spinal stenosis. To recapitulate , understand that all three conditions can have their roots in an Upper Cervical Misalignment and each issue listed above is at a different life cycle in the adaptive process the body goes through related to an atlas misalignment at the top of the neck! If you know someone who has sciatica the first thing you should do is get them to an Upper Cervical Specialist so they can be evaluated and then helped. Nature needs no help just no interference.

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