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Feb 29

Natural Meniere’s Solution in Los Angeles and Carson

By drdrewhalldc | Meniere's Disease , Vestibular Disorders

  Natural Meniere’s Solution Meniere’s disease has a tremendous impact on the quality of life of its patients. Meniere’s episodes typically last 1-6 hours, and symptoms worsen when sodium intake is increased. This condition is characterized by the following three symptoms (1) – Severe vertigo Ringing in the ear Lower frequency hearing loss Medical management […]

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Neurological Basis For The Development Of Secondary Meniere's Disease
Feb 15

Neurological Basis For The Development Of Secondary Meniere’s Disease

By drdrewhalldc | About Upper Cervical Chiropractic , Hydrops , Meniere's Disease , Vestibular Disorders

Neurological Basis For The Development Of Secondary Meniere’s Disease and HydropsMedical procedures that attempt to help cases with Meniere’s Disease and Hydrops tend to be radical and invasive. This article has been written to discuss the possible underlying mechanisms that may be at play with Meniere’s and Hydrops. Most people that suffer from chronic degenerative […]

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Vertigo, Dizziness, Spinning, Menieres Disease
Jan 25

Vertigo Solution in Carson and Los Angeles

By drdrewhalldc | Vertigo

Vertigo Solution – Vertigo Doctor Los Angeles Vertigo can be incredibly debilitating. An episode can make it impossible to perform everyday tasks. Often, it is hard to describe how you are feeling to others. Vertigo is different from dizziness – it is described to be a sensation of movement when not in motion. Some common […]

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Meniere's Disease and Vertigo Doctor in Los Angeles
Jan 04

Meniere’s Disease and Vertigo Doctor in Los Angeles

By drdrewhalldc | Meniere's Disease , Vertigo , Vestibular Disorders

Meniere’s Disease and Vertigo Doctors in Los AngelesMillions suffer from the nasty effects of Vertigo and Meniere’s Disease. Its cause is not well understood by conventional medicine. In some cases, vertigo is the result of life-threatening medical issues such as brain tumors. But mostly, it is an insidious destroyer of the quality-of-life which, in a […]

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