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Should You Worry About Text Neck? Xbox Neck?

Dr. Hall explains the term Xbox Neck or text neck

Every day, we all see people bent over their desks, restaurant tables and other seats texting or typing away on their mobile devices. And while children and teens find all sorts of technology interesting, their bodies do not. In our Los Angeles offices where we practice Blair Upper Cervical Chiropractic we have been seen a […]

Say goodbye to that neck pain from cervical discs

Say goodbye to that neck pain from cervical discs

The cervical discs in your neck are much like the insides of a pomegranate. As long as they stay inside there is no problem. However as soon as you open it up its contents can corrupt just about everything they touch. Inside each disc is something called the nucleus pulposus. It is a gel like […]

CBCT Imaging May Uncover Clues To One Underlying Migraine Cause | Los Angeles Upper Cervical Chiropractic


One Migraine Cause Uncovered | Atlas Doctors | Migraines And Upper Cervical Subluxation | CBCT Imaging | Upper Cervical Blair Chiropractic Los AngelesThere are thousands of testimonial accounts of patients improving from migraine following correction of spinal misalignments in the upper cervical spine.  Over time technology is improving ways to analyze the spine and its […]

Natural Help For Migraine Headaches

Natural Help For Migraine Headaches

Migraine Headaches LA – Upper Cervical Chiropractic CareAn important connection has been made by the Blair Upper Cervical Chiropractic Group that shows how trauma to the head and/or neck can lead to vertigo and migraine headaches. Further research using an MRI revealed conclusive evidence of the number of problems throughout the body that can be […]

Why Do I Have This Headache? Natural Headache Help in Los Angeles

Why do I have these headaches? Natural Headache Help – Upper Cervical Care Los Angeles We  all have heard of people who suffer with headaches.  In this article we would like to discuss one little known cause of headaches. It is a recently discovered connective tissue that connects the muscle to the fibrous covering of the spinal […]