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Meniere’s Disease and Migraine Headache Specialist

Meniere’s Disease and Migraine Headache Specialist Los Angeles

Meniere’s Disease and Migraine Headache Specialist Los AngelesAn article was published in 2016 in the journal of behavioral neurology examining the “intimate relationship between vestibular migraine and Meniere’s disease.” In this article we will discuss the findings of that research, and how a little-known procedure called Blair upper cervical chiropractic can help the body recover […]

How To Avoid Neck And Arm Pain In The Workplace


Los Angeles Chiropractor Gives Tips On Workplace Ergonomics And Discusses A little Known Procedure Called Upper Cervical ChiropracticPatients often come to our Los Angeles upper Cervical chiropractic office with complaints of neck pain, shoulder pain, and arm pain. While much of this pain can be improved with proper ergonomics at their office desk, which we […]

Should You Worry About Text Neck? Xbox Neck?

Dr. Hall explains the term Xbox Neck or text neck

Every day, we all see people bent over their desks, restaurant tables and other seats texting or typing away on their mobile devices. And while children and teens find all sorts of technology interesting, their bodies do not. In our Los Angeles offices where we practice Blair Upper Cervical Chiropractic we have been seen a […]

Many Women With PMS Also Suffer From Neck Problems

Many Women With PMS Also Suffer From Neck Problems

PMS and Menstrual Cramps- Can Chiropractic Help? | PMS Treatment Los AngelesWe all know someone who has to curl up in bed for two days because they have such severe menstrual cramps they can’t function. We also know lots of people who we stay away from at certain times of the month because we know […]

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What Can Cause Cluster Headaches? Upper Cervical Chiropractic Los Angeles

Cluster Headache Treatment Los Angeles-Dr. Drew Hall Whether you have a migraine headache or a cluster headache both can be completely debilitating. Migraine headaches usually have an aura and nausea prior to onset of pain where cluster headache sufferers get a runny nose and watery eyes.  They also experience the pain on one side of […]

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Natural Migraine Relief Los Angeles

Migraine Doctor Los Angeles-Finding Relief Naturally Headaches, sensitivity to light and nausea; these are just a few of the common symptoms associated with migraines. According to the Migraine Research Foundation 12% of the United States population battles migraines and over 4 million people suffer from chronic daily migraines[1]. Nearly 90% of migraine patients are unable […]

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