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What Does An Upper Cervical Chiropractor Doctor Look At On X-Ray?

Blair Upper Cervical Chiropractor Los Angeles | What Look At On X-Ray?

Blair Upper Cervical Doctor Los Angeles | What Is A Blair Upper Cervical Chiropractic? | This Blog is For The Analytical MindAfter seeing over 9000 patients we have become acutely aware that everyone learns differently. Some people learn visually, some kin esthetic and others auditory. This blog and embedded video is made for the patient […]

Los Angeles Post Concussion Syndrome | Upper Cervical Chiropractor

Post Concussion Syndrome, Traumatic Neck Injury? Los Angeles Post Concussion Syndrome

There is a lot of talk lately about Post Concussion syndrome. After the NFL lawsuit and Jim McMahon’s recovery, Post concussion syndrome has made national headlines. Post concussion has always been prevalent. However, the rise in extreme sports and fallout from those that suffer has brought the issue front and center. Like many syndromes, Post-Concussion […]