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Julie H.
Los Angeles, CA

HEADS UP: Dr. Hall is now in Koreatown (at Wilshire & Normandie) 2 days a week for anyone living in L.A. who needs to see him. Like me!! First things first. Dr. Hall is not just any chiropractor. He works specifically in one area and one area only: the atlas/axis. This is not your ordinary chiropractic treatment. Know that going in. I have many chronic ailments and most of them are undiagnosable by Western medicine. Without going into great detail, I will say I suffered from a horrible affliction related to my eyes and severe eye/neck pain for 10 years. An affliction that no other practitioner has ever seen in any patient. The quality of my life as a result of this affliction was at an all time low. I went to 5 optamologists (including a neuro-opthamologist at Jules Stein Institute) and a neurologist. They told me it was in my head since my eyes were anatomically fine.  I went to a hypnotist, psychiatrist, neurofeedback, brain training and cranio-sacral. Thousands upon thousands of dollars out-of-pocket. These practitioners assured me they could fix me and took my money and then when I ran out of money with no progress made, they hung me out to dry after promising not to. At wit’s end and with no one else to see, my long-time and trusted acupuncturist sent me to Dr. Drew Hall. She had a lot of patients who had seen and been helped by him. Reluctantly I dragged myself to see one more practitioner and plunked down more money (he was less than those quacks I saw!).  After 3 months, I started experiencing relief from this problem and making progress for the first time EVER.  I am still in the healing process with many more months to go but it continues to get better over time. This is a problem I’ve had for 10 years+ so it’s not going away over night. It’s a process….. and it’s working. Very well. And I didn’t think that would ever happen. And it’s been life-altering. In response to another reviewer here, the reason you have to pay up front is to ensure that the patient visits 2-3 times a week for the first 3 months. Otherwise, patients tend to miss appts. and that lessens the efficacy of the treatment. You have to keep going because it takes time for the treatment to work and for your body to restructure itself. Sometimes, Dr. Hall won’t make an adjustment if your previous adjustment is holding. The treatment can take time depending on your problem and the length of time you’ve had the problem.  But Dr. Hall can usually tell you at the consult whether or not it’s something he can treat. Once you are his patient, Dr. Hall is incredibly supportive.  With any long-term problem, there is progress and setbacks and setbacks, for me, are always very difficult . Dr. Hall responds to all of my anxious e-mails to reassure me. He’s a real mensch. During my my visits there, I have spoken to other patients with other success stories. One patient with advanced Parkinsons disease couldn’t get out of his wheelchair when he first landed in Dr. Hall’s office. He can now get up and walk. Not well, but he can walk. I can’t recommend Dr. Hall highly enough. If you have a stubborn or quixotic condition (not necessarily related to your neck)  or an actual neck-related/back ailment, see him for a consultation!! You’d be amazed how many different health problems stem for your axis/atlas being wrecked. By the way, I go to his office in Koreatown. It’s very convenient!!

Nena A.
Pasedena, CA

I’ve been going to Dr. Hall’s office in Koreatown for half a year now and his office’s prices are very reasonable in comparison to the benefits one can derive. But there is one caveat: It does take time and discipline to get better – be patient! If your initial X-rays show that your upper vertebrae (or cervicals) are misaligned, you will get better with this treatment. However, it is unreasonable to expect to get better in a brief period of time, if some conditions have been present for years. I’ve been struggling with depression, anxiety and insomnia for more than 30 years now and I’ve tried pretty much everything there is to try under the sun. From medications and a healthy life style to acupuncture, psychotherapy etc., nothing has felt like it could have a relatively fast and lasting effect like this particular approach. This treatment seems to be the silver bullet for me. Finally I have a sense of hope that I don’t have to live the rest of my life feeling the way I have been for so long. However, I cannot say that the path isn’t two steps forward and one back, the body has its own speed of recovery, but I definitively feel better than I have in a long time and at times I feel downright great. For the first 2 months you’ll see Dr. Hall once a week, if I remember correctly, then it’s every two weeks, then every month. This doesn’t mean that you’ll get “adjusted” every single time. Once you see him, he’ll run some test on you and only if the results tell him that your vertebrae are out of alignment (subluxated) he will adjust you. These “adjustments” align the upper few vertebrae correctly and since these vertebrae “embrace” the spinal cord, pressure to this important pathway from the brain to the rest of the body is free to flow correctly. The spine is the pathway for information from the brain to the rest of the body and with the corrections that Dr. Hall does, the body is able to start healing itself. And at least in my case, it’s working. I feel very, very grateful having found this treatment and Dr. Hall in particular. He’s known to be very gentle and completely dedicated to his patients.

Dr. A.

I just recently moved back to Los Angeles after being away for ten years and one of the first things I wanted to do was find a chiropractor. I have been adjusted since I was a little girl and am very particular about my chiropractors. In fact, I will not just see anyone. Since the upper cervical technique was how I have been adjusted in the past, I searched online for a chiro who does this type of adjustment and found Dr. Drew Hall (also with a little help from my brother who is also a chiropractor). Although I live in the valley and he is a fair distance away from where I live and work, he is totally worth the traffic and travels to see him in his office on Wilshire. He is professional, knowledgeable, educates his patients when he adjusts them, offers fantastic results, and is a really fun guy. He knows how to work with brand new patients, as well as patients who are chiropractic regulars. I would definitely not be as happy and healthy if it were not for Dr. Hall’s fantastic adjustments! I am definitely one of his patients for life and would not dream of being adjusted by anyone else.

Shawna D.
Venice, CA

Dr. Hall changed my life!!! I’ve had chronic back pain for 20 years. I’ve tried everything from medications ,regular chiropractor , physical therapy , acupuncture, rolfing, hypnosis, massage ( once a week ), yoga ( everyday ), etc …even a lil chinese torture hahaha…. but I’m not kidding !!! All of these things gave me temporary relief ….. if that ! After my first adjustment my back began to go from feeling like a clinched fist to an open palm ! I wasn’t squirming around trying to find comfort in my body anymore ! It was effortless . Also when your in pain the first thought in your head is pain and everything else is secondary ; ( I’m excited for my life …. now I can focus on my life and the people in it ! The possibilities are endless (living without pain) thanks to Dr. Hall and his passion for this method ! You can feel his sincerity for his patients and their recovery ! Also I want to add that I also took my mom to go see him. She had a stroke when she was 30 yrs old ; she’s now 60 . The stroke effected her vocal cords and in turn changed her voice 🙁 This has hindered her whole life !!!!!! She done many different things to work on it …. nothing has worked ;((((((……… After the her first adjustment , the next day she was on cloud nine ! She could feel a difference and we could all hear the difference !!! She’s at the beginning of her treatment so I’ll keep you posted 🙂

Thank you Dr Hall !!

Melinda H.
West Hollywood, CA

I have a lifelong history of; being dragged behind a horse, serious falls, rear-endings & different car accidents along with other head & neck traumas. Some of my conditions he has helped or alleviated completely are as follows; severe Migraines, Snapping Hip Syndrome, SI joint & Sciatica pain, daily bilateral Ankle Twists & Sprains, Knee pain & last but not least, Depression. There is no way I could take everyday life without this care. At one time or another, I have brought all my friends & family if only to check them out. Even total strangers I thought would benefit, all expressing their thanks & gratitude. The amazing thing is that this treatment helps those deemed hopeless. Also, other conditions normally treated with; medications, psychiatry or surgery! Thank you Dr. Drew & all the other Blair Doctors worldwide for giving us relief and hope!!

Cristina B.
Los Angeles, CA

DR DREW HALL saved my life . UPPERCERVIVCAL and these brainstem misalignments are the cause of hundreds of illnesses. They are on their way to get thru to the medical Drs.!! DR Hall is a pioneer of this movement to save lives and stop the suffering. They should charge triple of what they do.. People fly out from all over the country. He still charges minimal for saving lives. He has saved thousands of lives. WE thank you for your dedication to reverse human suffering. 5 stars is not enough for saving lives..

Sharifah R.
Los Angeles, CA

Dr. Drew Hall, D. C. is one of those rare physicians whose depth of compassion can only be compared to his generosity. Anyone who has suffered a head trauma injury or a fall of any kind should take advantage of his unique Upper Cervical Blair X-rays which can identify upper cervical subluxations and vertebral interferences not available by traditional x-rays, MRI’s and CT scans. Had I been able to be treated by an Upper Cervical Blair Chiropractic Specialist such as Dr. Hall immediately after my fall on stairs in 1984, perhaps I would not have had to undergo multiple failed back surgeries, 8 years of wrong Physical Therapy, and being severely disabled for nearly 30 years. Personally, I thank God that I am under his care. Otherwise, I would probably be “non-functional.” As President of the Blair Chiropractic Society and recipient of the “Chiropractor of the Year” Award, one can be assured of the highest level of care provided by Dr. Hall, and his high moral character guarantees that any one under his care will be treated according to the highest code of ethics. It is my pleasure to recommend this fine human being, a guiding light in the healing field of Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care

Aurelia W.
Garden Grove, CA

Aurelia White–I was injured in a car accident in 2006 when an uninsured motorist struck my car from the rear and I was almost ejected from my seat but my seat belt caught me around my neck and was choking me while my car was speeding up the street out of control! I wound up with a concussion, a torn rotator cuff, 3 bulging disks in my lower back and a uneven pelvis! I suffered for years–no pain medicines were helping. I found out about upper cervical adjustments after I viewed a website that showed Montel Williams getting an adjustment for the same condition that I have (uneven leg length) and that it helped him! I searched for someone locally and found Dr Hall. He and his staff are caring and compassionate and are willing to help anyone. After my first adjustment I felt it felt like someone had turned the “light switch” back on! I felt the pain leaving my head, face neck and shoulder….due to personal situations that have occurred over the past year I have not been consistent in my visits but I am NO WHERE near in as bad a shape as I was before receiving care from Dr. Hall. I also take my son to receive adjustments when he suffered a concussion when he collided into a team mate during a soccer match and it rang his bell! I fully recommend upper cervical adjustments! My son and I like to watch sports and whenever we see someone getting slammed or falling my son and I turn to each other and say–they need an upper cervical adjustment!

I am a firm believer in the body’s ability to heal it self if given proper conditions–and I feel everyone can benefit from upper cervical adjustments! Love ya Dr. Hall

Olivia C.
Los Angeles, CA

Everyone needs to be under upper cervical adjustment care, especially with Dr. Drew Hall. He is completely dedicated and committed to making a difference in people’s lives with his practice and he has made a huge difference in me and my family’s lives. This adjustment assists your body to heal and it is amazing preventative care as well.

Thank you Dr. Drew, we love you!

Jolie K.
Sherman Oaks, CA

Drew Hall is amazing. Seriously gifted and fully lit. He is a true world server…giving of his understanding of a marvelous tool, but adding his energetic to the process. Miracles are happening in his office every day.