Chiropractic Therapy for Infant and Adult Torticollis
Nov 02

Is Torticollis treated by Chiropractic Therapy?

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Is Torticollis solved with Chiropractic Therapy? Sometimes Chiropractic is referred to as chiropractic therapy, however, chiropractic is not a therapy it is a method of correcting spinal misalignments in the spine that reduce the bodies ability to function properly.  Chiropractic therapy for infant and adult Torticollis is much the same. Torticollis in most cases  is caused by […]

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Chiropractic Pain Management
Oct 29

Chiropractic Pain Management

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Chiropractic pain management is a buzz word these days because of the opioid pain medication scandal.  A recent review showed that those under regular chiropractic care have significantly less dependence on opioid medication, indicating that chiropractic pain management is an effective alternative. Pain is our bodies signal that something is wrong. Unfortunately the public has […]

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Facial Nerve Palsy
May 09

Facial Nerve Palsy and Birth Trauma-Upper Neck Trauma

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This past week our office had the opportunity to help a 31-day old child who was injured during birth by a forceps delivery. While forceps and vacuum extraction are sometimes necessary, follow up care with a trained upper cervical chiropractor should follow to ensure that the upper cervical spine has not been compromised. The pictures […]

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