Headaches, Migraine and the Muscle-Spinal Cord

Headaches, Migraine and the Muscle-Spinal Cord Connection

This article is dedicated to those who suffer from chronic migraines and chronic headache. Recently in 2005 anatomist discovered a new anatomical finding which has great significance in finding an underlying cause for chronic headache sufferers. The Myo-Dural Bridge – What is it? In 2005 anatomists found a link between a muscle in the neck […]

Straight Neck Syndrome and Body Pain

Straight Neck Syndrome and Body Pain

One of the most common conditions today is straight neck syndrome or loss of neck curve.  A normal neck posture is a backwards c-shaped curve of the neck which allows for the proper balancing of the head over the shoulders.  The normal cervical lordosis develops around the 2ndand 3rdmonth when the child learns to keep […]

Concussion & mild traumatic brain injuries


Mild traumatic brain injuries are also known as concussion. It’s projected that these traumas have an incidence of 3.8 million each year in the United States. Despite this high incidence, moderate traumatic brain injuries and concussions are among the least understood accidents within sports healthcare and the neuroscience communities. The majority of patients sustaining a […]

Do You Suffer from Occipital Neuralgia?

neuralgia occipital

Our Los Angeles offices have been seeing lots of occipital neuralgia cases as of late. And for that matter, neuralgia cases such as, trigeminal, glosso-pharyngeal, and occipital have become common place in our office for a decade.  These patients our looking for real solutions to their problems. Symptomatic treatment is great but finding underlying causes is […]

Post-Concussion Syndrome Upper Cervical Long Beach

Post Concussion Syndrome Upper Cervical Long Beach

Recently we have had a barrage of new patients suffering with post-concussion syndrome, many from the long beach California area. A high percentage of these patients are searching for answers. They have been dismayed by their results following conventional medicine protocol which for the most part is rest, pain killers, anti-inflammatory medications, and some are also taking depression medications

Myodural Bridge to the Rectus Capitis Posterior Minor Muscle

Myodural Bridge to the Rectus Capitis Posterior Minor Muscle

Since our muscles serve such a critical role for the homeostasis of our body, if certain critical muscles are strained or torn, we can see quick problems with the compactness and performance of our body. Looking specifically at the Rectus Capitis Posterior Minor Muscle, as well as the Myodural Bridge, we’re going to examine the muscles and ligaments responsible for holding up our neck, spine, and skull today.

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